LIEBH supplies unique artwork for those seeking extraordinary décor. The current collection offers nature-inspired opulence and serenity for living spaces, as well as office and hotel interior walls.

The bespoke artwork features’ are delicate and intriguing. Individually hand-crafted from iron, the various shapes, styles and colours accentuate interior spaces. The unique pied colour finishing brings a fascinating lustre to the artwork.

These rare items will add uniqueness to your special place. We ask for patience while our artist applies his craft.


LIEBH is a brand born out of love. It started with a love for beautiful creations.

It is pronounced like the German word for love – Liebe – with more emphasis on the H. The word is made up of the first letters of the first names of the female family still with us. And it reminds us of the generations of beauties before us who inspired us with their own artistry.

We hope you share our love for the colourful elegance of the nature-inspired designs, and appreciate the techniques and talents that come together to create these beauties.